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Customized new year ready-made mold low-cost surface flocking hanger

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Customized new year ready-made mold low-cost surface flocking hanger

Item No. 2276
Color: Black or customized 
Metarial: PS;ABS;velvet 

Shirts;pants;jacket;coat;skirts or other cloths

MOQ: 3000pcs
Logo: customized  logo
Packing: 100pcs/carton
Carton size: 48cm*43cm*48cm
Sample leadtime: 5-7 days
Production time: 10-20days


The size:L:39cm*W:2.8cm*H:13.5cm or customized size.

Color :We can customized any color.

We have special mold, professional production staff.

We have 26 years of production experience and are reliable.

Customized logo,as long as we provide us with a clear logo design,

we can customize it for you.

Non-slip card slot and non-slip silicone, make clothes more stylish.

The bottom can be equipped with horizontal strips.


Customized new year ready-made molds can be flocking hangers with low-cost 

surfaces. This hanger has a mold that you want to use, so you don't need to re-open 

the mold to make the product, and the original material of the hanger is plastic, so the

color of the hanger is customized. The flocking process is to spray plush on the surface

of the hanger. The plush will not stick, and it will also make the hanger more high-grade.

Many customers choose this hanger, which is mainly high-end and cheap, and the hanger

is durable and has a useful life. It is more than 3 years old, so it is durable. Hangers are

not only used in clothing stores, they can also be a work of art that can be viewed without 

hurting your hands.